Qualify Leads


Not all customers are created equal

The journey from initial inquiry to sales-ready lead is a complicated and, depending on your industry, lengthy path. In fact, studies show that 50% of leads are qualified but aren't immediately ready to buy something from you [Gleanster Research].

Learn how to extend interest in your campaign offers (such as guides and white papers) to your brand through demand generation and lead nurturing.

Lead Generation eBook

Ever wondered if lead generation can make a difference for your business? This eBook is based on real data from 4,000 businesses that used lead generation techniques.

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30 Greatest

The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips

What makes the best lead-generating content? What drives killer landing page performance? How should you create offers that are impossible to ignore? Get the answers to those questions and more with this free e-Book.

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The Complete Guide to CTAs

You’ve lead the horse to water, now give him a call-to-action. From creative copy to visual design, this free e-book will help you create CTAs based on prospects’ behavior, develop them for specific campaigns and determine where they belong on the page.

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Lead Scoring: The Basics

Lead scoring is a must-have tool for today's marketer. It helps you focus on better qualified leads, lending direction to marketing efforts. Read this eBook to learn more.

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Lead Nurturing: Questions/Answers

The components of lead nurturing are as varied as the concept itself. This eBook introduces you to the basic concepts and provides insights into the lead nurturing process.

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