Case Study: Accu-Tab®


Business Challenge/Opportunity

Axiall Corporation’s Accu-Tab product unit is responsible for two things: selling chlorination tablets and selling chlorination systems. Both the tablets and the systems are sold through a network of specialists in four major markets: aquatics, including commercial pools and spas; food safety and irrigation; municipal potable water and wastewater; and industrial water. The primary success metric is gallons of water treated. The challenge has always been consistent communication with the specialists and the measurement of online marketing efforts. Prior to 2014, Google Analytics provided Accu-Tab with a variety of metrics related to its website, traffic volume, time on site, origination, etc.; however the company could only make inferences at best as to how those numbers were influencing their business.


Pipitone Group developed a program through HubSpot that acted as both a method of communication as well as measurement. This marketing engine was primed with content that positioned Accu-Tab as a thought leader; it included a survey and corresponding report on water quality/safety, an ongoing blog called Keeping Tabs and a series of informational e-mails. This enabled Accu-Tab to reach out to its specialist network, providing them with valuable information as well as a destination called IdeaExchange that was customized with the specialist’s company name, sales quotas, sales tools and other support materials to help them track and improve their progress.

For prospects and customers, multiple personas were developed within the HubSpot tool based in part on their job titles and pain points. Adaptation of the original content, again, positioned Accu-Tab as a thought leader with these audiences. By the various personas’ interactions with that content, Accu-Tab could measure awareness and, more importantly, identify specific opportunities where interest and/or preference had been indicated. As a CRM tool, HubSpot enabled Accu-Tab marketers to understand exactly who was on the site and what they were viewing, providing intelligence upon which the specialist could focus.


Since the adoption of the HubSpot platform and Pipitone Group’s program within it, Accu-Tab has been able to link activity to specific individuals, make informed decisions by gauging prospects’ and existing customers’ interaction with onsite content, and support specialists in their work—to the tune of 60% engagement with e-mails, newsletters and website content—to better help them with qualified leads. This has resulted in millions of gallons closed from multiple new customers, one existing account saved and millions of gallons more in play.

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